It Was True Love For Sushant Singh Rajput But It Was Not For Ankita Lokhande Or Rhea Chakraborty

It was true love for Sushant Singh Rajput but it was not for Ankita Lokhande or Rhea Chakraborty

In a few days, the first anniversary of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death would be come. His fans are remembering the actor in such a situation. Sushant’s old photos and videos are getting increasingly popular on social media.

Meanwhile, people are also remembering many old stories related to the actor. In such a situation, we also tell you an anecdote related to the actor, when he talked about his true love.

In fact, in the year 2019, the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput was a speaker at an event. He spoke about his true love throughout this time. But it wasn’t Rhea Chakraborty or Ankita Lokhande who was the actual love of his life. But there was another girl. The actor has previously said that he had found true love in his fourth-grade class team.

Sushant was telling the story in a joking way. Sushant joked that he didn’t approach the teacher since he needed to pass the exam. Sushant also revealed when he got his first proposal at this time. Sushant revealed that he got his first proposal when he was in ninth grade.

Not only that, but Sushant Singh Rajput also revealed his last date during this time. ‘I used to educate engineering students and with that money, I got a bike,’ Sushant explained. On my first date, I went to Murthal to have parathas on the same bike. And it was also the actor’s first date.

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Now the Sushant Singh Rajput fans missing his old memories of late actor and his fans demand justice for Sushant. Sushant’s family came forward after several days of investigation and charged Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and her family of extorting money from Sushant and forcing him to commit suicide.

After this the case was handed over to the CBI under pressure from the family. Along with CBI, NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) and ED (Enforcement Department) also had to intervene in this matter. The incident occurred a year ago, but the CBI, NCB, and ED has been unable to reach a conclusion.

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