How To Use Whatsapp Mute Video Feature Update 2021?

Whatsapp has launched a special feature for its users. Its name is whatsapp mute video feature. Thanks to this feature, users can mute their voice before sending video. We inform you that WhatsApp has previously introduced the disappearing message feature.

Whatsapp instant messaging app introduces new features to provide better experience for its users. In this release, WhatsApp launched another new feature called Whatsapp mute video feature. With this feature, users will be able to mute their voice before sending a video. That is, when another user receives the video, there will be no voice in it. Let us know that WhatsApp has been working on this feature for a long time.

How to use whatsapp mute video feature ?

If you want to send a video to a user without a voice, first go to his / her WhatsApp account by clicking the message box here, go to the gallery icon and select the video you want to send, as soon as you click on the video, then you will get a Speaker icon will appear on the left. click on it, the video will stop voice once it’s done.

Let us know that WhatsApp instant messaging app introduced disappearing messages feature to all users in November 2020. The peculiarity of this function is that after its activation, messages, photos and videos sent to WhatsApp are automatically deleted after a week.

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How to enable and disable the disappearing message function on WhatsApp?

Open Whatsapp messaging app, open the touch you need to set off the disappearing message on Whatsapp feature for, now click on the touch contact name. Clicking on a touch contact name will open their WhatsApp account. Here you’ll see the whatsapp disappearing message feature. Click at the feature Disappearing message on Whatsapp, click on on it, you’ll see the option On And Off, Click at the (On) option, Now this feature could be enable and the despatched photo and video message could be automatically deleted after 7 days.

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