How to start a new blog, Earn money from blogging website

How to start a new blog, Earn money from blogging


A blog is a platform where you can express your knowledge through words, audio, video.
You can start your blog on any topic you have a good knowledge.
Here we are teaching you step by step How to starting a new blog Earn money from blogging website in very simple ways how to start your blog?

5 Important topic for blog

  • Make a blog what kind of topic you defind that.
  • Then take a little time to get a unique domain of the blog, so that your blog will get a different and new identity from other blogs no copyright to another.
  • Don’t have money to buy web hosting, then start your blog with Google’s free hosting on Blogger and a better theme.
  • After this, also decide what kind of content you want to add to your blog, so that users stay on your blog for maximum time for impression your blog and better SEO optimisation.
  • Chose your blog template them easy to speed loading on mobile and desktop screen. 
Two types of blogging 

  1. Blogger ( free )
  2. WordPress ( paid ) 

How to start a new blog [ recomanded Free blogging ]

Step 1
If you want to create your blog for free, you can start your blog at
Because this platform is a blog platform created by Google.
But the only problem with creating a blog for free is that if you do not follow their rules and regulations, your blog may be closed at any time.
That’s why it would be better to buy a domain name with it and attach it to your blog. Earn money from blogging website 
Step 2
Creating a blog is that you are now creating the best content for your blog.
Since users will only come for good and new content, and when they don’t get good content, they will no longer go to the blog.
That’s why you keep your content ready, and also make some important pages, such as about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.
If you want, you can write your content on any news, reviews, list and leadership.
You can monetize your blog only when there are 30 to 40 articles on your page easy to monetize.

How to promote your blog ? 

Promote your blog any types of different different social media like facebook, YouTube, twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc. 
Different kind of platform available in time. Creat your website backlink like ( Dofollow / Nofollow ) & Comment the high authority traffic website commenting box etc. 

Creat Blog 

Type on Google

Then chose your email address and select email. Then login & open blogger dashboard. 

Then Start a new blog option & click.
Writing an article different & unique other blogger & your article design it a new look. 
Complete your article and publish it.

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