Home Remedies For Pimples Dark Spots Or Black Spots Removal Tips

When dirt and grease builds up on the skin, it blocks the pores, resulting in acne on the skin. In such a situation, it is very important to always keep your skin clean and maintain a healthy diet to get rid of acne. But some women also have acne problems due to hormonal changes. Whatever the reason, pimples hide all of your beauty. Today we are going to share some of these home remedies that can help you get rid of acne scars quickly.

How to remove pimples dark spots, To get rid of dark spots, you spend thousands of rupees on many types of products, but it still doesn’t matter. But you will be surprised to know that you can easily eliminate dark spots using some home remedies. Let us give you some of these tips for getting rid of the jerk.

Types Of Dark Spots Or Removal Tips
Pimples Dark Spots

5 Tips And Process Of Pimples Dark Spots Removal

use of besan for pimples black spots removal
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Besan: Wheat Besan helps in solving many problems related to your skin. Even reduces acne blemishes. 5 gram of besan is alkaline and therefore helps to maintain a balanced skin pH.

Process Of Use: One spoon 5 gram of besan, 8ml of rose water and some lemon juice mixed and now apply this paste well on your face pimples black spots.

use of orange peel for Pimples Dark Spots remove
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Orange Peel Powder: Oranges are high in citric acid and play a big role in lightening blemishes on our skin, improving its tone. Orange peel powder has a magical effect on our skin.

Process Of Use: Make a paste by mixing equal proportions of orange powder and honey. Then apply to this paste of your face with pimples dark spots. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes. Cleanse your face with medium warm water. Apply this mask to the pimples dark spots area everyday and the pimples black spots will disappear within one to two months.

use of Aloevera Gel for Pimples Dark Spots Remove
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Aloevera Gel: Apply aloe vera gel to your face. It contains antioxidants that are good for your skin. And easyly remove dark spots and pimples.

Process Of Use: Some aloevera gel take to your fingers and apply to the pimples dark spots. This process use everyday upto two months or may be three.

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Vitamin E: Vitamin E is also a good source of nutrition for the skin. Reduces the aging effect. Its antioxidant properties help moisturize the skin. This will reduce the amount of dark spots caused by dryness.

Curd: Yogurt is a better option to increase facial shine and get rid of blemishes. The protein and other nutrients found in it nourish the skin. If you squeeze water of curd and leave it on the affected area for an hour, the black spots will soon become lighter. Do this process twice a week.

How to remove dark spots caused by pimples ?

Water is not only necessary to give us life, but water contains many beneficial elements that help improve and maintain the beauty of the body and remove dark spots caused by pimples. Yes, drinking lots of water not only releases toxic elements from your body, but also keeps your skin glowing, glowing and healthy. It should be remembered that you should consume only pure water.

Do not add alcohol or other carbonated beverages to it. Apart from water, you can also include juices of various fruits in your daily routine. All these elements are useful for preserving the beauty of your skin and facial beauty.

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