Hina Khan was seen giving a head massage to Sidharth Shukla in Bigg boss 14

Hina Khan was seen giving a head massage to Sidharth Shukla in Bigg boss 14


Most Toofani Seniors Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla have made the house extra eventful with their presence in Bigg Boss 14. The winners and runner up of the preceding season are right here to tools up the freshers for the show as it’s far touted to get greater tough this season. However, at some point of all of the tasks, making plans and plotting, the seniors have many lighter moments, greater shared among Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan.

Recently, at some stage in one of the sequences on Bigg Boss 14, “Hina Khan was seen giving a head massage to Sidharth” which made enthusiasts gush over them instantly. The duo has been agreeing to every different and status through every different’s choices as seniors. This has caused enthusiasts deliver them as ‘SidHina’. They had been even visible sharing a mattress collectively and one of the Twitter user said, I Love How They Both Vibing Together.

See some reaction post:

2 Beds left B/w Sid, Hina &Jaan.
They decided Sid& Jaan will bunk together.

Phir na jane kya hua usud.#SidHina on 1 Bed🤭

Sid is saying:
Bed share karna matlab NO BIG DEAL
Gandh hai SIRF Shippers k dimag ki

Actions Speak Louder than words
Shippers k kaleje pe, Sid ka ek aur🔪 pic.twitter.com/YfAcxj64fT

— Nik_Invinci (@DrStrangeNik) October 5, 2020


#sidhina shippers pic.twitter.com/cMjioY56Uh

— shehnaazian (@ShreyaHans1) October 5, 2020


Cutest Bond #SidHina 💕💕@sidharth_shukla🧚‍♂️@eyehinakhan 🧚‍♀️


— Kabir Roy_#🖤🖤 (@realKabir317) October 8, 2020


I Love How They Both Vibing Together 🤎#SidharthShukla #Hinakhan #SidHina #BiggBoss14 pic.twitter.com/wYGNWZ5B3G

— 🍂 (@MeKinare) October 6, 2020

Earlier at some point of an interplay with Pinkvilla, Hina Khan had unfolded how Bigg Boss gave her a tag of a vamp. She stated, “Of course. it became a planned move. I agree I am flawed, I make errors and I am no God. In an afternoon itself, we unfold love, we percentage correct vibes, we hug every different and sometimes, we bitch. Sometimes, we do say that we do not like a sure person. Now, it relies upon on them what they need to show.”

Hina Khan similarly said, “But it’s also now no longer their fault. They’re strolling a show, they themselves do not know what’s going to work. In a split-seconds score from the audience, they decide. So they may be like, ‘When Hina makes noise or she bitches, it is working. So let’s display that.’ But it is now no longer constantly obligatory that what you watch is the whole truth. There is a tale earlier than and after; you spot the reactions, you do not get to look the action.”

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