Has Nusrat Jahan Already Married Yash Dasupta? Birthday Cake Revealed

Nusrat Jahan Latest News: Actress and West Bengal MP Nusrat Jahan recently gave birth to a baby boy. He is rumored to be in love with Nikhil Jain first, then remarried. Nusrat Jahan was rumored to be in a relationship with Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta. Yash Dasgupta had a birthday on October 10th. On this occasion, Nusrat shared some photos of Yash Dasgupta’s birthday celebrations on social media, which people are speculating that they are getting married.

Nusrat Jahan revealed his son’s father’s name a few days ago. He said his son’s father was none other than Yas Dasgupta. Even now, people thought the two were not married. But photos of Yash’s birthday have gone viral on social media. Seeing this photo, social media users speculate that the two are already married. Husband and Father have one cake in the photo that Nusrat shared.

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He also shared a selfie of himself with Yash. They’re both seated at the dinner table. Late at night, Nusrat congratulated Yash and wished him a happy birthday. So yet, no one has been able to upload the ideal solution, which is not surprising.

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