Happy Birthday Sonu Sood: Actor Sonu Main Role Villain In Movie But Messiah For The Poor In Real Life

Happy Birthday Sonu Sood
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Happy Birthday Sonu Sood: Sonu Sood, who is known for playing villains in movies, is a real-life hero. People like Sonu Sood helped him throughout the Corona period, and he became the poor’s Messiah.

No matter how you play a character in a film, whether as a hero or a villain, the real-life figure establishes his own personality. Sonu Sood, also known as Bollywood’s Dildar, Merciful, and the Messiah of the Poor, has a similar experience.

Sonu Sood was born in Moga, Punjab, on July 30, 1973. Following his first studies, he moved to Nagpur to continue his engineering degree, and it was then that the idea of acting occurred to him. Sonu arrived in Mumbai with barely 5,000 rupees in his pocket. His film career began with ‘Kallazhagar’ in Tamil, and he made his Bollywood debut with ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’ in Hindi. In this film, Sonu portrayed the part of ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh.’

Sonu performed in a variety of roles in films, sometimes as a comedic actor and sometimes as a character actor, but his villain role was specially well liked. Sonu was a popular villain in films such as ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Simmba.’ However, this film’s ‘villain’ turned out to be a real-life hero. Few people have given a helping hand to the poor in a pandemic like the Corona virus the way Sonu Sood did.

Sonu did not see the hardship of migrant labourers travelling hundreds of kilometres with their family, so he resolved to help them. Sonu would have been ready to aid the poor with only one tweet. After that, only a support campaign started. Sonu and his team improve the service others. Sonu arranged for labourer travel, food and drink, business, and medical treatment for free. 

Sonu’s works not only won the hearts of millions of labourers, but also crores of people. People began to refer to him as the Messiah. After several parents called their children Sonu, someone decided to build a store in his name.

Sonu declined to create his idol after a guy from Bihar offered to do it. Sonu assists him on a tweet, which was seen a lot throughout the Corona era, whether it’s the care of a kid or a destitute guy roaming in search of job.

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Sonu has previously stated in an interview that he did not celebrate his birthday since the loss of his mother. He exclusively spends time with his family and a few close friends on this day. Sonu has appeared in films such as “Sheesha,” “Aashiq Banaya Aapne,” “Jodha Akbar,” “Dabangg,” “Simmba,” “Happy New Year,” and “R.. Rajkumar.”

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