Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series: Cheat on the Ullu app can appeal to you if you enjoy watching suspenseful, romantic, and thriller web series. know everything

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series: For those over 18, the world of OTT is coming with bold and romantic television series. For the mature audience, Ullu App has produced a number of web series back-to-back. You might enjoy the “Games of Karma: Chhal” series on this platform if you enjoy romance and sensuality in addition to adventure.

This television show’s story starts someplace and ends somewhere. Time moves in such a way that a girl’s life is on the edge of ending. Something that he had never anticipated because fifteen years of his life had mysteriously vanished. He can only recall being abducted. She had lived for fifteen years before she opened her eyes. Additionally, he is currently engaged in the trap of bartering for girls due to actions taken 15 years ago.

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series Story:

This web series is centred on a young woman by the name of Aanchal. She is a salon employee. In actuality, though, she provides females to sex merchants. Aanchal provides information about any female passing by to those engaged in sex trade, and that girl then goes to the marsh, from which it is challenging to escape. Aanchal is compensated handsomely for doing this. She needs money, which is why she is doing all of this. Govind, who resides abroad, is the love of her life. Aanchal want to wed Govind, her beloved. One day Govind calls and informs her that he will marry her and travel to India.

Aanchal visits a different makeup parlour the day before her wedding to get ready. However, this time she experiences the same thing that has previously happened to her with other girls. Aanchal’s automobile breaks down as soon as she leaves the salon. She is given a ride in another vehicle. Aanchal passes out after the automobile has just travelled a short distance. His life has altered when he opens his eyes right now.

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series Trailer:

In 2020, Aanchal was taken hostage. However, when he opens his eyes, he is in a Baba’s ashram and the year 2035 is still in progress. Aanchal initially has little faith in anybody. She struggles, yells, and attempts to flee. However, it is unable to stop the hands of time. He eventually meets Govind as well. Additionally, there is a Babaji at the ashram who longs to date Aanchal. The tale takes numerous turns after this. At the same time, the mystery of Aanchal’s disappearance for those 15 years also becomes apparent.

Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series Cast:

Himani Sharma plays the main character in the online series “Games of Karma: Chhal.” He is joined by Vishal Singh and Paritosh, who play the lead roles. Praveen Hingonia is the director of this online series. if you are older than 18. You are of legal age. You will most likely enjoy this Ullu App series if you enjoy viewing romantic web series mixed with adventure and romance.