Free Some Study Knowledge Plan JEE, UPSC and NEET Entrance

Free Some Knowledge Plan JEE, UPSC and NEET Entrance


The students applying to take an exam for which there are less than a thousand spots waiting for them at the end. This insane competitiveness is the reality for students who are taking India’s UPSC exam, making it one of the toughest exams in the world.

So i have some of the UPSC exam papers here today but this isn’t even all of it, it’s a huge exam. It takes up to two years of preparation and when everything’s said and done, if you make it all the way through, you would have sat 32 hours of exams. I’ve covered some other tough exams coming out of India, like the JEE advanced exam for engineering or the NEET exam for medical students, but this UPSC exam is different.

In the fact that you need to be really on top of all your subjects, from technology to current affairs to philosophy. The scope is extremely broad. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, and the exam recruits graduates who have already done a university degree, who want to come and work for the Indian civil services.

So that’s basically working for the Indian government in various administrative roles. It’s a highly sought after position, and people who do really well in this exam are really admired by their fellow peers. So let’s have a look at the kind of questions that would be involved.

The exam is held in multiple stages. There’s the prelims that are two papers, general studies and an aptitude test, and if you make it through that, it’s the main section.

Now the mains consist of nine papers, each three hours long, and this is what they cover there are two that are just qualifying, an English exam.

The exam in an Indian language of choice, but then we have an essay, four general studies exams and two papers of your choice.

These papers of your choice are on optional subjects which range everything from: physics, maths, philosophy, engineering, but also basically every subject you could imagine.

So let’s have a look at a few of these papers. So I’ve got here the first general studies paper. This one covers Indian heritage, culture,history, geography of the world, and so everything’s written in Hindi and English, there are twenty questions in this booklet and all questions are compulsory.

This is a lot of work: all of these questions are little, like, mini-essay questions. Yeah, like this is kind of Indian history, things about an 1857 uprising, the linkages between the nineteenth century Indian renaissanceand the emergence of national identity.

So everything from that to the impact of global warming on the coral life system, what makes Indian society unique in sustaining its culture? Discuss in 150 words. So i think what you really need to do to prepare for an exam like this, that’s kind of testing your general knowledge, and i’ve seen many preparing students talk about this, is reading newspapers.

Reading newspapers to prepare for an exam seems kind of bizarre to me but it makes sense, newspapers should give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world. This is another general studies paper. They want to know, what are the basic principles of public life? Illustrate any 3 of these with suitable examples. That’s very relevant since that’s the job you’re applying for, then we even have some very philosophical Ideas over here. An unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates, discuss that in 150 words.

One from Ghandi, man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes. I’m left feeling that someone who’s prepared for an exam like this wouldn’t just be good at sitting this exam but they would be a really study knowledgable and smart citizen of the world.

Questions like this one history, philosophy, geography, general knowledge, are that they are general. You are tested on them kind of every day in your life. It’s what allows you to contribute to interesting discussions with random people that you meet. And I don’t think this knowledge would be lost when you finish this exam.

Some of these ideas just help you to understand the world better and even if you don’t get in, it’s kind of like you haven’t wasted your time. You spend all this time becoming knowledgable about your country and I don’t think that’s something to be upset about. So this is the essay paper of between 1000-1200 words on something like wisdom finds truth.

Media is a real threat to Indian democracy

Media is the rise of artificial intelligence, some of these ideas are interesting to think about. Now that’s kind of a look through the general studies and my thoughts on those, let’s have a look at some of the optional papers now. So since this is basically a physics channel. This page is pretty interesting.

Section B,you’re asked to explain these physics questions in about 150 words each. So you have to be really good at your communication of scientific ideas.

This is starting off with some quantum mechanics questions, again a lot of explainer type questions.

1)How do you define density of states?

2)Define mathematically the Bohr radius.

3)Calculate the numerical values for the hydrogenatom.

I should mention that if you make it through all these papers, you make it through the main round, then there is an interview and that interview would be a bit of a personality test. So even if you ace all of these I guessit’s still possible that you’re not quite what they’re looking for and that interview is may be one of the most subjective parts. It personaly the NEET exam, I’ll give this exam a little rating.

UPSC Entrance

The scope, well we covered everything from philosophy to physics, that’s a pretty big scope. It gets an A and a plus. Difficulty, well it’s a tough exam, I will give it an A. I guess the difficulty will depend on your strengths and weaknesses and how prepared you are feeling and how much preparation you have done for it. Time pressure, well it’s kind of a test of stamina, this is such a long process.

I said you would have done 32 hours of examination if you’ve done all of these papers, the interview, the mains, the prelims, that’s intense. In terms of actual time pressure, you have 3 hours to answer heaps of questions, i’ll give it an A as well.

Now the big one, competitiveness, this is the most competitive exam. NEET was competitive but student shere are competing for only hundreds of spots. So this is going to be a never-before-seenrating of A ++++. And that’s what makes this one of the most difficult exams. If you want me to compare it overall to the JEE advanced exam I would say that UPSC is tougher on the basis of selection but JEE advance is probably basis of the questions.

But they are totally different exams, testing different things for different people who want different jobs.

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