Finally Banned Karan Johar From Bollywood

Finally Banned Karan Johar From Bollywood 


Karan Johar life destroyed now

One of the most celebrated film makers of Bollywood industry Karan Johar life is currently at a very tragic state. This film maker is facing the wrath of angry people for promoting nepotism in Bollywood, and for disrespecting all the outsiders. Now his life is in a complete miserable state. Let us find out how

Lost followers 

Karan Johar under the radar of angry Bollywood lovers who are mercilessly trolling and mocking him. People are angry upon him so much so that a large number of people have unfollowed him on his social media accounts. Karan has already lost more than five lakhs followers on his Instagram account which is a great loss for him

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Banned in Bihar

when the news of Karan Johar banning so Shawn God viral after so Sean’s passing away, people started pouring their anger on this film maker Karan Johar also face too much backlash from people because he mocked so Sushant during his show multiple times, which is why people are demanding a ban on his films and a mass boycott on this film maker is happening currently. His movies have already got banned in Bihar, along with the movies of Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt.

Case filed in Bihar

people are very much angry on this film maker as he always gives preference to these targets in the industry. Karan along with some of his friends in the industry banning so Sushant from their movies angle People a lot. advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha has filed a case against Karan Johar in connection with Sushant passing Avi in Bihar Mujafa Pur. The case has been also filed against other prominent filmmakers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Akta Kapoor Salman Khan and many more.

Coffee with Karan band

This was the show where Karan Johar usually talk with his close friends and Bollywood and mock the celebrities whom they do not like. This show had great trps as it was one of the most controversial shows and people watch this one because of these celebrities. Recently, when this show was getting boycotted by people, the makers of the show get Karan out of the show. As Karan Johar getting boycotted by people, the makers thought it would be a loss for them to cast Karan again

Resignation from mommy Film Festival

The prestigious mommy Film Festival is chaired by Deepika Padukone and has a board of some prominent film makers including Karan as board. Recently Karan Johar who was asked by the board members to resign from his post, as they do not want controversy. The board of the film festival does not want people boycotting the prestigious Film Festival for Karan Johar. Which is why with a heavy heart Karan has sent his resignation through email to the board members of mommy Film Festival.

Disconnected from Bollywood

Karan Johar was using the same mobile number for decades now and never change it no matter whatever happened in his life. But after all these controversies regarding nepotism and banning and boycotting Karan change his old phone number. He changed his old number because none of his closest friends stood up with him when the world is blaming him. He gave his new number to only very selective and important people in his life. Do you think Karan’s Bollywood career will be destroyed as nobody wants to work with him as they could face a huge loss?

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