Farmers Protest Kisan Andolan Delhi Burari Live Updates,Farmers Meeting With Government

Farmers protest kisan andolan delhi burari live updates farmers meeting with government was unsuccessful the government spent more time without housework The farmer said 8 times discussed how long it will take

Tuesday is the 41st day of farmers’ agitation against the new agricultural laws. On Monday, the 8th round of talks between the farmers and the center was also incomplete. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar asked what are the problems with MSP. Farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chadhuni said – The government must guarantee MSP for all crops. The Minister of Agriculture said – We are ready, you point out. We have to do our homework. The farmer leader said about this – 8 rounds have been discussed and how much time is needed. After the meeting was over, the Minister of Agriculture said that the clap rings with both hands.

4 hour farmers meeting with government,said is always a change in the laws. Farmers back was adamant the law. Before an assembly the next will come again since January 8. Earlier, the tractor turned and passed by the farmers to the institutes that, take out the right to compare in the January 6, Kundli Manesar, Palwal Expressway.

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Apart from the Minister of Agriculture, the meeting was also attended by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and State Minister for Commerce Som Prakash. After discussing the MSP, farmers raised the desire to repeal the law. Narendra Singh Tomar said – Let’s form a committee. Farmers say – no committee set up, repeal the law. Som Prakash took leaders to the coast and spoke. So another farmer leader said, repeal the law. After that, Tomar said, many organizations and farmers support the law. We can’t just ignore listening to you.

Before the talks, the government and peasant leaders kept a two-minute silence for peasants who had lost their lives, but all of this was limited here. No further efforts were made to ensure that farmers do not die and a solution is found. This time, too, farmers refused to eat government food. He told the ministers, eat your food, we will eat ours. At the last meeting, 3 ministers had eaten langar food with the farmers, so the atmosphere was quite light. This time the same was expected.

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