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Today is the 26th day of farmers’ agitation against agricultural laws. Farmers will go on hunger strike today. Toll-free will be done from 25 to 27 December in Haryana. The farmers announced it on Sunday. Only 5 hours later, the government sent a letter inviting the talks. In it, farmers were asked to set the date. Farmers will decide on this today.

Today the Minister of Agriculture can meet with farmers

Union Home Secretary Amit Shah said in Bengal on Sunday that a meeting between Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and farmers could be held in a day or two. Boer leaders, on the other hand, announced on Sunday after the meeting on the horoscope border that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will play clap-thali on December 27, as long as the minds speak.

Farmer leaders will meet all parties involved in NDA

2020 December 23 – Farmers Day. Farmers’ organizations have called for people across the country to observe the day’s fast on this day. On December 26 and 27, farmers will meet with the leaders of the parties involved in the NDA and ask them to put pressure on the government and return all three laws. If not, then demonstrations will begin against him. The Adani Ambani shelter will continue. Farmers will also protest outside income tax offices to protest the raids on adhatia.

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