Farmer Protest Delhi 33rd days, Farmers Protest News Today

Farmers Protest News Today:Farmer Protest Delhi 33rd day of farmers against farmers ’bills. Farmers wrote a letter to the government on Saturday, deciding to resume talks. Farmers were given time to gather at 11 a.m. Tuesday. He also saved 4 conditions. The government can respond today in a letter from farmers.

4 Conditions Of Farmers:

  1. The possibility of repealing all three agricultural laws should be discussed.
  2. The minimum support price (MSP) legal guarantee was on the negotiation agenda.
  3. The sanctions provisions under the Ordinance on Air Quality Management should not be applied to farmers. The ordinance needs to be revised and announced.
  4. The issue of amendments to the draft law on amending electricity should also be included in the negotiating agenda.

Kejriwal reached Singhu border for second time

Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal arrived at the Singhu border on Sunday afternoon and met with farmers. They reached the Singhu border for the second time in a month. He was accompanied by Deputy CM Manish Sisodia. Kejriwal, in association with farmers, said: “I challenge the central government to open a discussion with farmers. This will make it clear how these laws will hurt.”

The farmers played the plate at the time of boycotted Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

farmers protest in india 2020,farmers opposed prime minister narendra modi radio programme Mann Ki Baat
Image: Social Media

Farmers may be ready to negotiate again, but the government’s opposition has grown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi boycotted Mann Ki Baat‘s program on Sunday. Meanwhile, farmer leader Gurnam Singh was seen playing with his shoes on a plate. People also protested on social media. He said the shoe on the plate you ate was not suitable for beating.

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The Punjab lawyer Amarjit Singh was taken to court, a senior defender who took part in the Rai movement, committed suicide on Sunday. He was from Jalalabad in the Fazilka district of Punjab. He ate poison after walking 5 km from the demonstration that was taking place on the border of Tikari. He also received a suicide note. In doing so, he called the dictator Modi PM. He is the second farmer to commit suicide in the movement. So far 26 farmers have lost their lives due to various reasons for the movement.

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