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Ek Badnaam Aashram 3 Continues 100 Million Views In 32 Hours

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In just 32 hours, Aashram 3: Baba Nirala’s danka, which was broadcast on OTT, received over a million views.

After a lengthy wait, the online web serial ‘Ek Badnaam Aashram 3‘ has finally been released. It was streamed on MX Player, an OTT service. On OTT, Baba’s dunk is ringing.

After a lengthy wait, Bollywood star Bobby Deol’s web series “Ek Badnaam Ashram 3” has finally been released. It was streamed on MX Player, an OTT service. On the OTT platform, Baba Nirala has caused panic. Baba’s darshan has been a long time coming for devotees. This time, in addition to the old stars, there are a slew of newcomers. In such a case, news has arrived that the series has been viewed 100 million views in just 32 hours.

Baba Nirala Brought Highlight On OTT:

On OTT, Baba’s dunk is ringing. There was a lot of excitement among the audience for ‘Aashram 3‘ after the first two superhit seasons. It became the most popular OTT web series in India.

This OTT series appears to be on the verge of breaking a new record. Around 160 million people watched the first two seasons of Ashram. In addition, the show was trending at number one on YouTube in India within six hours of the Season 3 trailer’s debut.

The Teaser Of ‘Ashram 4’ Was Currently Released:

Let us inform you that the teaser for ‘Aashram 4′ was recently published by the producers. The teaser for the next season of this series, helmed by Prakash Jha, has excited viewers’ interest even more. The fourth season of ‘Ashram’ has been dubbed ‘Badnam Ashram Season 4’. Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy, Aditi, and Tridha Chaudhary reprise their roles in this film.

Pammi is seen in Baba Nirala’s ashram in the teaser for ‘Aashram 4’. She has now returned to Baba to exact her revenge, or she will be captured once more in his hands. It will only be exposed with time, but the teaser for ‘Aashram 4’ has expressed the audience’s interest.

Esha Gupta Bold Seen In Aashram 3:

When it comes to ‘Aashram 3,’ it is receiving the same awe-inspiring response from the public as soon as it is released. Esha Gupta is also a part of this season’s cast. In the series, he and Bobby Deol have some very bold and hot situations together. The character of Isha had already attracted the audience’s interest.

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