Corona Updates: Corona Virus New Case In India 3.45 Lakhs Last 24 Hours

Death rate of Coronavirus not stopping in India, the death toll is frightening in the last 24 hours, corona virus new case in India 3.45 lakhs.

The rate of coronavirus spread in India is unknown. Every day, a new record is set in the number of new cases, and the number of deaths continues to rise. The oddity is that all limits are levied from the federal level down to the state level. Night curfews, weekend curfews, and section 144 isolation are all being implemented, but there is yet to be a breakthrough in breaking the COVID-19 chain.

More than three lakhs corona case have been discovered in the country for the third day in a row, making it the most so far. In the last 24 hours, more than 3.45 lakh cases have been recorded in India, with a total of 2621 people dying as a result of the covid epidemic.

Let me inform you that India set the world record for the highest number of cases in a single day in Corona on Wednesday. The peculiarity is that for the past three days, the statistics in the country have been consistently frightening. According to experts, the growth rate of these indicators in the country is calculated on the fact that by May will reach corona virus new case in India the figure of 5 million of coronavirus daily.

Corona virus new case in India In the last 24 hours, once again the highest number of new cases were reported in the country. By 12 pm on Friday night, 3 lakh 45 thousand 147 new corona were found infected last 24 hours.

Total number of deaths due to pandemic in the country1,89,549
Number of total infected with corona1,66,02,456
Number of under-treated patients in the country25,43,914
This is the percentage of the total number of infected15.3%

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Maharashtra is experiencing the highest corona positive caseĀ in the country. In Maharashtra, only 773 people have died in the last 24 hours. In the capital, Delhi, 348 people have died as a result of the Covid outbreak.

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