Corona Breaking News: Rahul Gandhi Appealed To The Modi Govt Got The Corona Vaccine Free

Corona Breaking News: The situation is spiralling out of control around the world as a result of the second wave of coronavirus. Patients infected with the coronavirus die in several states due to a shortage of oxygen and beds. At the same time, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi challenge on the Modi government, demanding that the government provide the corona vaccine to the public for free.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote on his Twitter account that there was a lot of discussion. Central should receive the vaccine free of charge. After all, don’t make India a victim of the BJP system.

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Harmony had called on the central government to concentrate on vaccines, oxygen, and other health services instead of wasting money on PR and wasteful projects, according to Rahul Gandhi. He warned the government that the crisis could worsen in the coming days. It is important for the country to be prepared to deal with it. The present situation is intolerable.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi told Congress officials that the mechanism has collapsed and that they are quitting all political action in order to help the people in their fight against Corona infection. Since the structure has completely disappeared, Rahul Gandhi said that now is the time to speak about improving people’s situations.

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