Corona Breaking News: Government’s big warning on third wave of Corona in India

Despite the devastation caused by the second wave of Corona infection in the country, preparations for the third wave of Corona are now underway. A third wave of corona is expected to arrive in the country, according to K Vijay Raghavan, the central government’s chief scientific advisor. However, no one knows when it will arrive. However, we must be prepared. He also said that the second wave of Corona would be so powerful and long that no one could have predicted it.

It is not clear when the third wave of Corona will come, The third wave of Corona has yet to arrive, according to K Vijay Raghavan, who said in a press conference on Wednesday that there is an over-circulation of the virus. We need to be ready for new waves. The scientific advisor also stated that the virus strains are circulating at the same rate as the first strain. They do not have the properties of new types of infection.

Vaccines are also successful against existing varieties, according to him. In the country and around the world, new variations will emerge. He also said that when people become less cautious after a wave has passed, the virus has a chance to spread again.

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While some states are showing signs of declining coronavirus infections, 12 states still have over 1 million active cases, according to the central government. According to the joint secretary of the Ministry of Health, positive indicators are higher than 25% in 10 states across the country, indicating that more work is required.

According to Love Aggarwal, as many as 2.4 percent of cases have risen from the day before, and more patients have died in many states. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana have all had more deaths.

The health ministry said states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Bihar are seeing a fast trend towards daily corona cases. Love Aggarwal said some areas are worrisome. In Bangalore, about 1.49 million cases have been reported in the past week. In Chennai, 38,000 cases have been reported.

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