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Commissionerate Police Notice To Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan, Order To Come To Police Station And Take Sides

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Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan: Action in relation to the highway incident involving Star attack. Police issue a warning to Babushaan Mohanty and Prakruti Mishra. Commissionerate Both of them received phone calls from police. Both of them received instructions from the police to show up at the station and choose a side. On the other hand, Lalit Shetpathi received a notification from the police as a result of Manmath Mishra’s allegation. Lalit is currently being questioned by the kharabela nagar police station.

It’s important to remember that the wife was assaulted on Saturday morning as she traveled with Prakruti Mishra along Babu Shaan Road. She fights Prakruti, claiming that she is ruining her family. He claimed that Babu Shaan and nature don’t get along very well. His wife was pursuing actress Prakruti Mishra in the middle of the street. Babu Shaan Mohanty’s wife pulled him out of the car and assaulted him after he objected.

However, Manmath Mishra, Prapathi Mishra’s father, filed a complaint against Lalit Shetpathi at the kharabela nagar police station when such an occurrence occurred on the capital’s highway.

After some time, Aprajit Mohanty, an actress who is also Babusan’s mother, and her daughter-in-law decided they had had enough and filed complaints with the kharabela nagar police station. Based on both charges, the police have opened an inquiry.

Additionally, it has just called Prakruti Mishra Babu Shaan to give them a notice. Both of them received instructions from the Commissionerate Police to show up at the station and tell a cause.


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