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Charam Sukh Hot Ullu Web Series: If you are a fan, you can only view the row of bold scenes in this Ullu web series by watching under the blanket.

Hot Ullu Web Series: If you enjoy watching it under the covers, there are a number of strong sequences in this hot Ullu web series. Ullu is recognised for its bold content. Because of its many bold scenes, Ullu’s web series is the subject of a lot of public discussion. Some web series have been successful only due of their bold scenes. We’re going to tell you about a web series today that has lots of romantic scenes.

The Hot Ullu Web Series has a highly respected amount of viewers. The audience is extremely passionate about watching the majority of Ullu web series, and they eagerly anticipate their re-release. Let us inform you that the majority of Ullu’s web series are appropriate for viewers above the age of 18.

Ullu Web Series Cast:

  • Son Aashiq,
  • Father Ayyash
  • Raj Nayani – Samarth
  • Aditi Kohli as Nithya
  • Kanchan – Ashima
  • Shadab Kadali – Ryan

Father Ayyash and son Aashiq trailer Story of Son Aashiq and Father Ayyash In a relationship, Nitya and Riaan aim to investigate the extremes of material pleasures. By chance, Nitya meets Samarth, the father of Riaan, and develops a physical relationship with him. She is aware that she made a mistake that has caused her to experience pleasure that she can no longer control.

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Know What Is An Ullu App?

A video streaming service called Ullu offers everything from comedy and explicit entertainment to drama, horror, suspense, and fantasy.

Ullu Web series and movies in regional languages are frequently broadcast on Ullu App. Users can see the first two videos in this for free as a trial, after which they must purchase a subscription in order to continue watching and downloading videos. You can also enjoy other adult shows like Charmsukh, Palang Toad, Tandoor and many more shows from ULLU after subscribing to ULLU.

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