ByeBye2020, CarrieMinati left Everyone Behind on YouTube, 2020 Top Youtuber list Carrie Minati,Karthik and Bhuvan Bam Top

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tweet in the year 2020, Carrie Minati was the top YouTuber 2020 Top Youtuber list Carrie Minati, Karthik Aryan and Bhuvan Bam are in top

During the lockdown caused by the Corona virus in the country, actor Karthik Aryan on his YouTube channel when he started a talk show ‘Koki Askhega’, he might not even know that his show could be such a hit. Karthik Aryan’s effort has also been praised by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. In the year 2020 Carrie Minati was the top YouTuber of the country and number one music video got a song for a song by Badshah.

The year 2020 become painful for lots people. People are now in the wish that the next year may carry a few happiness! Therefore, he desires to begin next year by incorporating a few good memories of this year. Like all companies, YouTube has also searched all its precise works at some stage in the year and praised it on social media. Even YouTube CEO Swell personally praised the famous YouTuber Karthik Aryan and Bhuvan bomb.

Swag has shared a put up on social media in which he has tagged Karthik Aryan and Bhuvan Bomb, writing that he’s India’s great creative artist of the year 2020. By the way, on this list, there are many more YouTubers of the country, amongst whom Cariminati i.e. Ajay Nagar, who makes roasting videos, sits on top. In a list launched by YouTube, Cariminati has been declared the largest video creator of the year.

The best music video featured the song ‘Genda Phool’, shot on the emperor’s Jacqueline Fernandes. At the same time, the top trending videos also had a video of Cariminati. The title of this video is ‘Stop Making Adjunction – YouTube Versus Tick Talk – The End’. These big YouTubers were dominated by YouTube, but Karthik Aryan was praised because he tried to instill positiveness in the people during this corona era of epidemic.

On Karthik Aryan’s chat show ‘Koki Askhega’, Karthik made many guests like Barkha Dutt, Ekta Kapoor his guest and talked well with him to lighten the mood of the country and the world. Apart from this, Karthik also talked to the policemen and the Corona Warriors who were standing with the people who fought the corona virus. And through them also tried to make people aware of this virus.

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