Bigg Boss Season 14: Salman Khan angry Ali Goni again in support of Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss Season 14 is just a week away from the finale. In such a situation, forgetting about friendship and relationships, all participants focus on winning.

In this mission, the three Rakhi, Rahul and Ali were given the chance that they could get direct access to the finals. It was said that he would be given the amount.

Now the 14 lakh sum was left for Bigg Boss Season 14, which caused Rahul and Ali to refuse to grind the money, but Rakhi Sawant also saved herself with an effort. Because of this, both Ali Goni and Rahul Vaidya told Rakhi a lot, now Salman Khan raised the issue of the weekend war. Salman then took up the Rakhi problem.

In Salman’s eyes, what did Rakhi do wrong if she played herself. What did they do wrong if they got to the final. Salman doubted this. As for Rahul, Salman even said that he is acting like he won the show and Rakhi owes him 14 lakh rupees.

But that did not stop Salman Khan, this time he also raised many questions about Ali Goni’s behavior. The actor expressed dissatisfaction with the way Ali talked to Jasmine during the assignment.

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He stressed that Ali is very ingrained and only listens to Rahul Vaidya. Seeing Salman’s displeasure, Ali admitted his mistake and called it a problem.

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