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Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Live Updates


Live updates for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu: Bigg Boss, the reality television programme that keeps viewers entertained, has launched a new season. On Sunday at 6:00 pm, Nagarjuna made a victorious entry to kick off the sixth season.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants:

  1. Inaya Sulthana
  2. Revanth
  3. Srihan
  4. Marina Abraham-Rohit Sahni
  5. Baladitya
  6. RJ Surya
  7. Sri Satya
  8. Sudeepa Raparthi aka Pinky
  9. Abhinaya Shree
  10. Chalaki Chanti
  11. Adi Reddy
  12. Tanmay
  13. Neha Chowdary

As the fourth participant, anchor Neha Chaudhary joined the Bigg Boss house. Neha Chaudhary, who impressed viewers with her IPL match anchoring, shocked everyone by joining the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house.


Shrihan, Siri Hanmanth’s lover, was the third contestant to join the Bigg Boss house. In fact, it was just announced that Srihan would take part in Bigg Boss OTT’s opening season. However, even if he didn’t succeed, then. This season, Srihan has entered the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house.


As the second participant, Sudeepa made a dramatic entrance into the Bigg Boss house. Sudeepa, who gained fame for playing Pinky in the film Tu Naku Nachav, appeared in over 20 films while still a young actress. Following that, she appeared in other movies as a character actor.


The first candidate to join the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house was Keerthy Bhatt of Karthika Deepam fame. Keerthy made headlines with the series Manasichchi Chudu before Karthika Deepam.


Chalaki Chanty, a comedian from Jabardast, entered the Bigg Boss house. He was the sixth contestant to join the house.



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