Bigg Boss 15: From These Pictures, How 'Crisis In Jungle' Will Come, See A Special Glimpse Of Bigg Boss 15 Jungle House

Bigg Boss 15: From These Pictures, How ‘Crisis in Jungle’ will come, see a special glimpse of Bigg Boss 15 Jungle House

Bigg Boss 15: The 15th season of ‘Bigg Boss,’ one of the most talked-about serials on television, will premiere on Saturday. The theme of the show has attracted the audience’s interest this time. So far, the information regarding this show, which will be presented by Salman Khan, has been that it will be played like a video game, and that its contestants will have to spend four weeks in a forest-like setting, according to its tag line ‘Sankt in Jungle, Spreadega Dangal Mein Dangal.’ We’ve got some unique looks inside a completely different house built for ‘Bigg Boss 15‘.

According to the inspection of the ‘Bigg Boss 15 house’, this time an attempt was made to make the entire house look like a forest. The participants’ comfort in the house has been taken into consideration, however there are several instances where they may encounter difficulties. The lamps add a new look to the house, from the giant fangs on the walls to the hand-painted copies for illumination.

‘It has been like a struggle for us,’ the Kumar couple said. The house for ‘Bigg Boss 15‘ was more challenging to construct because we had to include a forest into the house this time. We attempted to make it feel like it was in every room of the house. There are numerous animals and birds in this house, and designing them to fit in with the house was a difficult task.

After witnessing the ‘Bigg Boss 15‘ house, Omung Kumar and Vanitha’s conversation seemed appropriate. Typically, all of the drama in the Bigg Boss house takes place in the bedroom or the kitchen. Omung and Vanitha have drastically altered their appearance and stature this time. ‘This time, as they were building the house, they transformed their entire garden into a forest,’ the Kumars said. Apart from that, we attempted to embellish tree bark, natural figures, and forest formations in the same manner. The purpose behind giving this feeling of jungle is that the contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 15‘ should feel the jungle even while living at home and how will the problems faced by them come in front of them, this will be the real twist of the show this time.

Apart from the greenery, gorgeous hangings, and grass utilised in décor, an intelligence door was also visible in the ‘Bigg Boss 15 house’. Salman Khan will explain where this door opens and what the candidates will have to do to use it on Saturday night at 9.30 p.m. on Colors channel. After walking a little further, it was seen that the ‘Bigg Boss 15’ swimming pool had been transformed into a pond in the forest, complete with lotus flowers to give it a natural appearance. Vishwasundatree is the most crucial thing that was observed in the ‘Bigg Boss 15 house’. The rationale behind naming the tree after a beacon is that it will not only talk in Rekha’s voice, but it will also offer numerous surprises for the participants.

Salman Khan recently said that two hundred and fifty cameras are being installed to shoot the show ‘Bigg Boss 15’ during a press conference held in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. This discussion also sparked the idea of splitting the show into two halves. The first part will see the show’s contestants living in the jungle and making their own arrangements for everything from lodging to food and drink. Similarly to how a player accumulates points while playing a video game and then receives valuable material from it, the ‘Bigg Boss’ contenders will have to make arrangements for sleeping, lodging, and food by earning points.