Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant New Task She Will End Her Marriage with husband Ritesh

Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant new task made a big statement about divorce, said – I didn’t get a single happiness from her.

The reality television show Bigg Boss 14 is fast approaching its finale. At the same time, Bigg Boss’s home is seeing a new twist. At the same time, new controversies arise in the days leading up to the victory. At the same time, the house continues the dramas of the Bollywood drama Queen Rakhi Sawant.

Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant new task, every day there is a new uproar around Rakhi. At the same time, she also makes headlines on the show about her marriage and husband Ritesh. At the same time, there will be an interesting task in the Bigg Boss house. During this assignment, Rakhi Sawant announced her marriage to her husband Ritesh.

The real challenge is that the contestants can satisfy their choice by asking for it. But the spotlight of this challenge is that everybody will need to sacrifice something unique for every other. At the same time, a promo was launched on the channel. In this promo you could see Rohi retaining a letter in his hand. This is the letter that his father Ritesh despatched him for Christmas. At the same time, contestant Ali Goni reads a letter from Bigg Boss and informs all contestants that Rakhi will need to tear up Ritesh’s letter.

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At first, Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant is surprised to hear this conversation of Ali Goni. Then it also says that, I got married with all my heart. When I fall, I read. I love my husband. I don’t think I have found the only happiness. Rakhi Sawant gets very sad and emotional while saying this. Now it will be seen if Rahi can tear up and throw away the letter.

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