Bhojpuri Actress Namrata Malla Dance Of Hot Viral

Bhojpuri Actress Namrata Malla Dance Of Hot Viral

Wearing a white color bra made of flowers, Bhojpuri actress Namrata Malla dance to the song ‘Ang Laga De Re’, watch the viral video.

Bhojpuri Actress Mamrata Malla Dance Wearing a white color bra, on the song ‘Ang Laga De Re’ – Bhojpuri film industry’s super hot actress Namrata Malla has once again trending on her hot dance made fans crazy.

Bhojpuri actress Namrata Malla is known for her hot dance videos. Namrata Malla is no longer visible at any model-related events. His images and videos, however, spread fear on social media. With her dancing videos, Namrata Malla has increased the fervour on social media.

Image: Namrata Malla Instagram

Bhojpuri actress Namrata Malla hot looking in this video. The latest video of Namrata Malla has created a highlight on social media. Namrata Malla shared a reels video in her latest Instagram post. Her bra is of silver colour.

Namrata is dressed in a long Thai skirt as well. Namrata wears bold paint and loose hairstyles. She appears to be really bold in this photo.

While dancing on Ang Laga De, Namrata Malla did a great job. In this video, Namrata’s attractiveness is evident. It was difficult to avoid the fans’ attention once they saw this. His followers are unable to quit watching this video after viewing it. This video has been widely enjoyed and shared by viewers. Fans have also left several comments and likes.