Aryan Khan Promises To NCB To Help The Poor The Day Will Come And Make Me Proud

The Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan son Aryan Khan Drug allegations case have trapped in jail. Aryan Khan’s bail application was not granted by the court. He will be held in custody until October 20. Meanwhile, Aryan promised to the Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) that when he was released from prison, he would help the poor.

According to PTI reports, NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede recently counseled Aryan Khan with his team. Aryan told him at this time that when he was released from jail, he would help the poor and vulnerable. Aryan promised during counselling that he would never make such a mistake again and that he would return to the faith. “I’m going to do something new, one day that makes you proud of me,” Aryan Khan told NCB officials.

According to media reports, Aryan Khan’s prisoner number is N954. In prison, no one is called by name, but by number. Aryan Khan is also being called to the prisoner number. Following Mr Jiang’s involvement, Aryan is said to have survived an earlier effort to depose him. He isn’t eating enough. On the other hand, prison food is allowed. He is dressed in civilian clothes rather than prison clothes.

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