Aryan Khan Bail Tomorrow Hearing? Know What Lawyers Say In This Case?

Aryan Khan Bail?, the son of star Shahrukh Khan, is being held in the custody of the NCB till October 7th. Aryan Khan has the option of getting bail or not. Find out what top lawyers Satish Manshinde have to say.

Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, is being held in the Narcotics Control Bureau’s custody until October 7th. Satish Manshinde, Aryan Khan’s lawyer, is working hard to get him released as soon as possible. The case will be heard again tomorrow. In such a case, it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to secure Aryan Khan bail ?  The E-Times spoke with a number of well-known lawyers on this. Do you know what his thoughts are on the matter?

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Under the NDPS Act, the NCB has imposed four sections on Aryan Khan. Section 8C, for example, contains provisions regarding the production, possession, sale, purchase, and use of narcotics. The second section 20B, which is about cannabis usage, the third section 27, which is about drug consumption, and section 35. NCB presently has Aryan Khan in custody. Satish Manshinde, a well-known lawyer in the state, is handling his case. Who are the people who are regarded experts in this field? Find out what other lawyers have to say about this case.

According to senior lawyer Hitesh Jain, it was asserted about a year ago in Rhea Chakraborty’s case that if the quantity of narcotics seized is less, the charge becomes bailable. In its judgement, the Bombay High Court stated that, while it is not a bailable offence, the court is willing to give bail on the grounds that the accused is not guilty. There is no chance that he will conduct another violation of the Act. The person cannot be judged to be guilty based on the dialogue.”

“Looking at the portions of the NCB FIR, I would argue that Aryan is being charged with a bailable offence,” senior advocate Dipesh Mehta said. The maximum penalty is a year in prison and a fine of up to Rs 20,000. However, because the inquiry into this situation is still ongoing, it may be premature to say anything more.”

The WhatsApp communication that NCB is talking about, if it is as offensive as they are suggesting Aryan Khan is difficult to secure bail, says Ashok Saraogi, a well-known criminal legal advocate in civil cases. He might face jail time if his involvement in the purchase, sale, and use of drugs is exposed in this case.

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