Arnab Goswami TRP Scam Paid Millions Of Rupees To Ex BARC CEO to Boost Channel’s TRP

Mumbai police Said on Monday claimed a large claim in the Metropolitan Magistrates’ Court In Mumbai on the fraud of the Television Rating Point (TRP). Republic TV editor in chief Arnab Goswami gave millions of rupees to former Director General of Broadcasting Public Broadcasting (BARC) Partho Dasgupta to boost the ratings of his two channels, police said.

Police named him Friday for the first time in the TRP scam. The Republic Tv owner was previously on the list of defendants, but Arnab Goswami was not mentioned.

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Partho Dasgupta’s remand extended till 30 December

According to the detention report submitted by the police, when Partho Dasgupta was the CEO of BARC, Arnab and the other accused conspired to illegally set up TRP of the Republic of India and Republic TV. For this, Arnab Goswami trp scam paid Dasgupta millions of rupees on several occasions. Police requested Dasgupta’s detention, claiming this in court. The court extended the detention until December 30.

Partho Dasgupta bought luxury goods from Arnab money

According to the police report, Partho Dasgupta bought jewelry and other valuables from the money he received from Arnab, which they have recovered from his home. Among them, Tag Haier’s watch is about 1 lakh, imitation jewelry is 2.22 lakh and stones. Dasgupta was arrested last week. TRP was the 15th arrest of the fraudster.

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