Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Wedding Photos, Never Seen This

Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Wedding Photos: You probably haven’t seen these photos from Alia Ranbir wedding, Ranbir Kapoor’s which the bride’s sister has posted this photos.

Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Wedding Photos: Last night, Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt shared some such pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt wedding on Instagram, which the fans had not seen yet.

Two days have passed since the Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor wedding, but unseen pictures of their wedding are still coming out. Despite the fact that both Ranbir and Alia shared special pictures for their fans on social media following their wedding, the breathtaking wedding photos have not stopped.

Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt revealed some previously unseen photos of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding on Instagram last night. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are seen posing together in the first photo, while Alia and Ranbir Kapoor are seen looking at each other in the second. The delight of this lovely couple from Hindi movie is seen in the photograph.

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“Two of my favourite people in the world got married yesterday and our crazy, happy little clan has grown a whole lot more odd and joyful,” Shaheen Bhatt commented alongside the photos.

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni Also Shared Unseen Photos

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Ranbir Kapoor’s sister, uploaded a family photo on Friday night. Apart from Ranbir and Alia, the picture also features Riddhima’s husband Bharat Sahni, Neetu Kapoor, Soni Razdan, Mukesh Bhatt, and Shaheen Bhatt. “Family, missed your father a lot,” Riddhimi Kapoor wrote with the photo.

Ranbir Kapoor wore father’s watch

At the wedding, Ranbir Kapoor wore his hand watch as a memorial to his late father Rishi Kapoor. The price of this watch, according to media sources, is approximately Rs 21 lakh. The watch is made of 18 carat white gold. The blue leather strap adds to the overall appearance.

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