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Alia Bhatt Is Finally Banned From Bollywood

Alia Bhatt Is Finally Banned From Bollywood


Alia Bhatt is finally banned. After passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput, the strong strong has been blowing against the Bollywood piggies and nepotism culture of valued.

So Sushant Sing grasp it passed away on fourth in June and was found lifeless in his Bandra apartment. Although police have claimed that the cause of passing away up to Sushant Singh Rajput to be self destructs on a factor.

There are a lot of theories and assumptions regarding this. And many of the evidences and findings validate those assumptions and the ories. The consequences of this tragic incident of Sushant Singh Rajput is making a lot of effect in several Bollywood stars and Sark is one of the many stars to be badly affected is Aria for Vox dei booted into the volume from current shorts Student Of The Year against Berlin the one and Siddharth Malhotra. And so he’s a product of their petition.

But now netizens are angry against talk due to her choose to kill Sussanna in a game and see even rejected a movie to play against her son, because he was not very famous at that time.

The ‘Raabta‘ actor, who committed suicide at the age of 34 was touted as one of the most talented young actors in the industry but reports making rounds on the internet also suggest that he lost a lot of projects due to nepotism in the industry.

While the police are interrogating people close to Sushant to find out the real reason behind the late actor’s drastic decision to end his life, fans have also been sharing throw back posts in memory of their favourite star. Not only that fans are also requesting the makers of Sushant’s last film ‘Dil Bechara’ to release it in theatres rather than a digital platform as a tribute to the talented actor.

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Due to this, she’s facing a huge problem now. It seems like her career in Bollywood is moved a lot due to the angry net agents and fans of Suzanne Singh Rajput. She lost a huge number of Instagram followers in a few days and her father movies are also banned in PR state along with Karan jahar.

Salman Khan and other star kids. do two separate reports. Not only that, but she even lost several movies that were already in hardhat. Due to the huge criticism and backlash so far the avadh the producers are already there atened and worried by the public She’s on to boycott the stars.

Because of this fear of losing their box office collection, or big budget film, where she was supposed to be cast against her super star promise was taken out from her role. As s rather, Molly was compelled to do that because of the huge pressure of the public.

If the public continues this pressure towards the producers who signed them movies and brands who choose them to promote their products, then they are sure to be on their needs soon.

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