Akshay Kumar Mother Aruna Bhatia Death Akshay Emotions Says On Social Media, See

Akshay Kumar Mother Aruna Bhatia Death Akshay Emotions Says on Social Media, See

Aruna Bhatia Death: On Wednesday morning, Akshay Kumar’s mother passed away. “She was my core,” the actor stated. “I appreciate your prayers as my family goes through this difficult time,” he said.

Akshay Kumar Expressed His Emotions At His Mother’s Aruna Bhatia Death In An Emotive Tweet.

On Wednesday, Akshay Kumar’s mother died after her health had been declining for a few days. She was taken to Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit(ICU). On Wednesday morning, the actor posted a tweet in which he expressed his sorrow over his mother: “She was the core of my life. And today, at the centre of my being, I am in excruciating pain. My maa, Smt Aruna Bhatia, passed away peacefully this morning and was reunited with my father in the other world. I appreciate your prayers as my family and I go through this difficult time. “Om Shanti”

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The actor had just asked for prayers from his followers the day before. ‘More than words, I feel connected with your love and prayers,’ he had stated. Thank you to everyone who asked about my mother’s health. My family said I was going through a difficult period right now. Every one of your prayers means a lot to me. ‘Thank you for your assistance.’

When Akshay Kumar knew of his mother’s illness, he dropped out of the filming of Cinderella in the United Kingdom and returned to India. Let us inform you that Akshay had a strong bond with his mother. That was why, in the midst of his illness, he decided to quit the shoot and return to India, but his mother had passed away.

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