After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS Private Video Leak, Trisha Said, "I Was.." See

After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS private video leak, Trisha Said, “I Was..” See

Trisha Kar Madhu MMS: Trisha, who rose to prominence after the MMS video was leaked, claimed to being ab*used and said, “I was ra*ped!”

Trisha Kar Madhu MMS video of Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu was released on the internet some time ago. Trisha Kar Madhu MMS video was also released, along with some audio. Trisha Kar Madhu addressed the issue in a series of Twitter tweets. Trisha Kar Madhu has now posted a new tweet. She writes about se*x, physical abuse, and ra*pe on her blog.

Physically manipulating a woman by appearing to be false love and emotionally exploiting her private thoughts is also a sort. According to Trisha Kar Madhu, and this is what happened to me. Let us inform you that there is a Twitter account named Trisha Kar Madhu & comment; that is not verified. This account is also unconfirmed by RN NEWS WORLD.

In this post, Trisha Kar describes the suffering she faced as a result of the MMS leak. He spoke of the physical assault she had and referred to his mental torment. It was immediately covered on social media when he made this major statement. On Twitter, users’ reactions were also visible.

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Apart from that, according to Trisha Kar Madhu, The rest of the world believes that s*ex is just a part of life. The same thing is repeated in movies, periodicals, and television. However, the world deceives us. Love comes with a lot of responsibilities. She was citing the film Mom at Sixteen when she said this. Apart from that, Trisha Kar Madhu asked in a recent tweet, “Why did you sacrifice your dreams?”

Why Hasn’t Trishakar Madhu Filed A Case Yet?

One user replied on Trisha Kar’s tweet, asking why he hasn’t filed a case when he has been the victim of or other wrongdoing. Stop explaining lies, the user wrote; your exploits are not hidden from everyone.

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Trisha kar Madhu MMS video leaked

The video of Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu was viral a few days ago. There was also some audio that was leaked. She is seen with a man in this scene. This video went popular on social media almost immediately after it was trend. Trisha stated in this regard that she has been cheated in love.

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Trishakar Madhu himself leaked his video?

In this case, some individuals mocked the Bhojpuri actress. Trisha responded by asking, Why am I being trolled from all sides? Yes, we (my partner and Trisha Kar Madhu) made the video, but I was duped because my intention was not for it to go viral. Please don’t troll me because of the one who went viral; I am now under a lot of mental stress.

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Trisha Kar Madhu told, people are asking him for links to MMS videos

Trisha Kar Madhu detailed the entire situation in a series of tweets. He also stated that he has been harassed and asked for links by some people. I don’t want to give baduda to those who ask for Abla Nari Link, but I will definitely say that while asking for the link, she writes, How are people, a link is being asked for a video of a woman’s character-destruction, I don’t want to give baduda to those who ask for Abla Nari Link, but, remember Keep mother and sister will be your home too. Salute to malevolent India.