After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS Leaked, Trisha Said, 'I Am Making A Film, Everyone Needs Love', Users Comments See

After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS leaked, Trisha said, ‘I am making a film, Everyone Needs Love’, Users Comments See

Trisha Kar Madhu MMS, a Bhojpuri actress, is still being spoken about after her viral MMS. Users claim that they have made a blunder in their effort to take more followers. Trisha Kar Madhu, on the other hand, is unconcerned about the trolls. She is always active on social media and follows through on her pledges. Even after the MMS was leaked, he shared a lot of reels. On which people are making objectionable comments.

Let us tell you that whenever Trisha Kar Madhu posts something on social media, her comments area is flooded with rude comments. On YouTube, people are sharing the download link for (Trisha Kar Madhu Viral Video).

Meanwhile, Trisha Kar Madhu announced on Instagram that she is working on a film and needs fans’ help. I’m making a movie… and I need everyone’s love, She wrote.

Trisha Kar Madhu MMS leaked, Trisha said, 'I am making a film, Everyone Needs Love',
Image: Trisha Kar Madhu Facebook

People stopped speaking by commenting, according to Madhu. One person wrote, “You were making the movie, but why did you have to do such a bad act?” One person wrote, ‘You don’t even recognise you’ve made a mistake.’ You’ll never be forgiven for making fun of Bhojpuri.

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Trisha Kar Madhu apologised just a day ago, writing, “Please, if you people can’t help, don’t ab*use me, I know I have committed a big mistake.” Trisha Kar Madhu began to be trolled again as soon as he wrote this.

People should not defame them by sharing it, according to Trisha Kar Madhu. (Trisha Kar Madhu MMS), who is regarded as Bhojpuri’s most attractive and daring actress, continues to crazy people with her video album. Trisha Kar Madhu, a 27-year-old Bengali actress, has performed with a number of famous Bhojpuri actors.

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