After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS Leaked, Actress Trisha Kar Apology And Said..

After Trisha Kar Madhu MMS leaked, Actress Trisha Kar Apology And Said..

Trisha Kar Madhu MMS, a Bhojpuri actress, has been in the headlines for the past few days due to the leakage of MMS. He shot this offensive video himself, yet no information regarding who leaked it has been revealed. Trisha is a Bengali actress who has made a name for herself in the Bhojpuri film industry.

Trisha is frequently trolled on social media. In the meantime, he has expressed regret to his followers. In addition, Pawan Singh has been requested help. Let us tell you that whenever Trisha shares something on social media, her comments section is flooded with nasty comments.

Pawan Singh was approached for assistance. ‘You folks do not mention anything wrong, I am looking for aid from Pawan Singh, thus I have put a photo with him,’ writes Trisha Kar Madhu. Because I know that if anyone in the Bhojpuri industry is truly helpful, it is Pawan Singh ji. Others simply chatter and keep talking for long time. 

Trisha Kar Madhu began to be trolled again as soon as he wrote this. You also aim to discredit Pawan Bhaiya ji, according to one user. Who made you a performer? This is the first time this has been heard in Bhojpuri movie. You don’t deserve forgiveness. One wrote – Even after giving so many hit songs, your followers did not increase, but since you made that video, there was a flood of your followers.

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Trisha Kar Madhu Video Viral, Trisha apologised after being trolled, saying, “Please, if you guys can’t assist, then don’t abuse, I know I have done a big mistake.”

Trisha Kar Madhu, who is regarded as Bhojpuri’s most beautiful and daring actress, continues to captivate her fans with her video album and remains in the spotlight. Her pictures make headlines on social media.

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Trisha Kar Madhu, a 27-year-old Bengali actress, is regarded as one of Bhojpuri cinema’s hottest actresses. Trisha Kar Madhu has collaborated with a number of Bhojpuri’s biggest stars. Many of his hit songs are available to listen to on YouTube. All of the videos show his bold style.