After Trisha Kar Madhu, Did Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Also Go Viral? Trending On The Internet!

After Trisha Kar Madhu, Did Priyanka Pandit MMS Video Also Go Viral? Trending On The Internet!

Priyanka Pandit MMS, Actress MMS has gone viral in Bhojpuri cinema, putting actress Trisha Kar Madhu in the spotlight. A video shows actress Trishakar Madhu with a person in an uncomfortable position went viral just a few days ago. After this video went viral,  She apologised for his mistake and asked that it be removed. However, this was not the case with social media users.

Before the situation had settled down, actress Priyanka Pandit’s MMS Viral began to trend on the internet. The video of Priyanka Pandit has gone viral. (Priyanka Pandit ka Video) and its link. In such a situation, we are telling you the truth of that video continue to read.

People are actually posting Priyanka Pandit’s viral video (Priyanka Pandit Viral Video) on social media in the name of MMS and also giving the link to download it.

This actress’s video (Priyanka Pandit MMS) is not new. This is a really old video that people are now re-sharing. This type of news is also being shared, with many saying that this is an old video.

According to news on a Bhojpuri website, Priyanka Pandit’s video is old, and it says that “some people are attempting to defame her.”

Aside from that, some of these topics are searched on YouTube, Priyanka Pandit’s viral video (Priyanka Pandit ka Viral video), Priyanka Pandit’s MMS (Priyanka Pandit ka MMS) and Priyanka Pandit’s video link (Priyanka Pandit ka Video Link). Some individuals are also spreading his viral video’s link on social media sites like Facebook.

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On a Facebook page called Daxer Zix, several viral videos have been uploaded. In addition, the link of actress Trishakar Madhu’s video and Priyanka Pandit’s video were posted.

priyanka pandit viral video 1
Image: Facebook

It is a legal infraction, according to cyber specialists. People, on the other hand, have no fear of the law. They share such information and make it go viral.

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It’s worth mentioning that while news of Priyanka Pandit’s video getting viral made the rounds a while back, she strongly claimed that the girl in it wasn’t herself.