Acid Attack On Actress Payal Ghosh.!!! Video Shared On Social Media See

Actress Payal Ghosh News: Payal Ghosh, a Bengali and Bollywood actress, is also in the spotlight. Payal Ghosh made headlines a few weeks ago after se*xual harassment charges were made against Bollywood producer and director Anurag Kashyap. He, on the other hand, disputed the charges. Payal, on the other hand, has been accused of being attacked by acid.

She told IANS that she was going out for medicines after 10 p.m. I was driving when a group of people wearing masks approached me and attacked me with acid.

A video of her talking about how a few masked males attacked her with a rod and a bottle that was most likely filled with acid is spreading on social media.

She was fortunate enough to survive the attack,” she stated. His left arm, though, was slightly affected. The actress said that she had filed a police complaint report. As a result, She shared a video public via on her Instagram post. “Hello, my name is Payal Ghosh,” he introduced himself. I had to leave the house the yesterday to get some medicine. Some people approached me and attempted to assault me while I sat in my driver’s seat.

They were holding a bottle at the moment. I had no idea about what was in it. However, I believe it contains acid. He explained, “They tried to beat me with a stick and I somehow slid.” Payal was only slightly affected in the incident.

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