6 Simple Ponytail Hair Style For School Girls

Hey today I’m showing you six, quick and easy ponytail hair style For school girls. That you can do every where and for any quick event.

First Step Of Ponytail Hairstyle

Bring your hair right into a high ponytail and stable it with as many elastic bands as you need. Take a small segment from under the ponytail and start to wrap it across the hair tie so it is now no longer visible.

Once you reach about half way down the length of your hair use a few bobby pins to hold the small section in place And we’re done your hair is setup.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Step 2

We were going to do a similar thing But that section, we’re going to plait it. So you could use any normal plait. You could just do a three stranded plait like watch the video i hope understand Or you could do a rope braid or a fishtail braid, any braid would work really well.

And simply steady the ends with an elastic take the braid and wrap it across the ponytail and simply steady that with some bobby pins. Remove the elastic band and simply combo the braid into the ponytail.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Step 3

We are going to pick up a chunk from the front of our face split it into three and do a regular french braid on the top of our head. So you simply need to take sections from the crown of your head and braid it lower back till in which you’ll typically place your ponytail after which simply plait the relaxation of the hair all of the manner right all the way down to the bottom.

And stable the ends with an elastic band gather up all of your hair right into a excessive ponytail together with the braid and stable it with an elastic band. then simply put off the elastic band and undo the plait and combined it into the rest of your ponytail hairstyles.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Step 4

You need to copy the previous steps from the previous ponytail hairstyle So simply, braid the crown of your head right into a french braid then simply plait it all of the manner down and steady the ends with an elastic band collect up your hair right into a ponytail style.

But this time instead of undoing the braid, we’re going to wrap it around like the previous hairstyles then pin it with a few bobby pins in place.

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Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Step 5

We were going to do a similar hairstyle to the previous two except we’re going to do a dutch braid this is slightly easier because it’s just a regular plait and you don’t need to know how to french braid, so just plait all the way down your hair and secure the ends with a small elastic band.

Gather up all of your hair right into a ponytail ensuring that the braid is seen after which stable it with some elastic bands remove the elastic from the braid after which simply combination it.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Step 6

You want to get a topsy tail and place it in the top of your ponytail hair.

If you do not know what a topsy tail is, then take hold of your ponytail and pull it through the pinnacle of your topsy tail after which pull at the quit of the topsy tail to drag the hair. It looks like this hurts lots however it simply doesn’t. You simply want to ease the hair through pull the relaxation of the ponytail hair style out after which simply pull on it to make certain it’s far secure.

Watch this video 6 simple steps ponytail hair style for school girls

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