10 New Hottest Web Series To Watch

10 New Hottest Web Series To Watch

If you’re searching for 10 of the hottest web series available in Hindi on Ott platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, in order to satisfy your search, we have provided you with the top 10 Hindi web series in this article.

These 10 web series that have just been made available on the OTT platform are the hottest one. Hot scenes existed in this online series. The hot scenes listed in this web series are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. These 10 hottest web series in hindi are all avaliable through various Ott platforms.

Here The 10 New Hottest Web Series List:

  1. Charamsukh
  2. Gandi Baat
  3. Bekaboo
  4. Kabita Bhabhi
  5. Mastram
  6. Hello mini
  7. Fuh se Fantasy
  8. Ragini MMS: Returns
  9. Lust Stories
  10. Games of Karma Sangeet

So, i will details discuss the above hot web series list let’s see


Charamsukh hottest web series

The name of extreme pleasure on the OTT platform called Ullu arrives at number two in the list of 10 hot web series that are available. In addition, you can get it for free on mx player. As is obvious from the title of this web series (best hot web series). This web series’ content is also extremely bold and spicy. This contains a lot of private, intimate situations that you might prefer to see alone.

Gandi Baat:

Gandi Baat hottest web series

This web series is ranked 2nd among the top 10 most popular hot web series (bold web series name list). Visit the OTT platform Alt Balaji to watch it. The Gandi Baat online series’ content has been significantly strengthened. In this hot web series, there are a lot of such bold scenes that you have not seen before.

This web series, which can be watched on Alt Balaji, has also received positive reviews. The Gandi Baat web series has so far been produced in five seasons. The past five seasons have received a huge amount of attention. This online series does a great job at representing human sexuality. This hot Hindi web series is available at all times on Alt Balaji.


Bekaboo hottest web series

Bekaboo This extremely bold web series is available to watch on the OTT platform Alt Balaji. Bekaboo is unique in that it combines romantic contents with thriller and action parts. You have never seen so many hot scenes as those in this. Remember that this is an extremely popular web series before you watch it. Therefore, only watch it at home by yourself.

Kabita Bhabhi:

On the trendiest web series Ullu, which is available on the OTT platform, there is also a web series by the name of Kavita Bhabhi. This web series depicts the tale of a woman who calls boys to share bedtime stories with them. One of the most popular web series is Kavita Bhabhi Ullu. This web series now has eight episodes.


This is the MX PLAYER OTT platform’s original web series. On April 30, 2020, this web series was released. As you may assume from the web series’ title. It has a lot of adult thing. It tells the story of a young man who wants to be a writer. But he is unsure about the kind of story he need to write. You must see Mastram at least once if you enjoy hot and bold content. On MX Player, you may watch it without paying anything.

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Hello mini:

A web series called Hello Mini is a suspense/thriller. This web series is available on MX Player without charge. The tale of 22-year-old Mini is told in the song “Hello Mini.” In this television series, Anuja Joshi played the lead role. This online series is filled with boldness and suspense. This web series has so far had three seasons. One MX Player’s most popular web series is this one.

Fuh se Fantasy:

The name of web series Fuh se Fantasy at 7th position of the list of 10 new hottest web series. Voot published his online series on April 5, 2020. The audience enjoyed this web series a lot. Different human sex fantasies were shown in this web series. Let’s not forget that this web series had four different stories. This web series has featured several romantic scenes after telling lots of stories.

Ragini MMS: Returns:

This is the hot, horror web series from Alt Balaji. This web series offers a fantastic combination of boldness and horror. Furthermore, parts of this Ragini MMS have also achieved considerable popularity. But compared to its first two episodes, this Alt Balaji web series is far more exciting. This online series is a must-watch if you enjoy both scary and hot scenes.

Lust Stories:

The name of web series Lust Stories at 9th position of the list of top 10 new hottest web series. The most well-known OTT company in the world, Netflix, has Lust Stories. One of the most popular web series on Netflix is this one. This online series on Netflix has featured a wide variety of stories. The aim of this online series is to remove the numerous sex stereotypes that are now popular. This web series has a lot of hot scenes.

Games of Karma Sangeet:

The role-playing perversion for romance of the wife of a classical music teacher torments her. The wife takes revenge by making love to strangers in front of the husband as karma strangles the husband.